An exciting development where our teams are supporting the delivery of a range of modular homes  across this 221 plot site.


  • Setting and staying on programme to ensure plots are ready for modular unit delivery dates is critical to the success of this project
  • 1200m of infrastructure spine road to provide access to each phase of build to enable the groundworks to be completed and them access of the site crane to lower the modular units into place
  • Detailed design stage alongside the customer to provide the most value effective solutions that met delivery and programme requirements


  • Planned and co-ordinated approach to phasing and working closely with the ILKE project team to confirm acheiveable dates for the delivery of each phase
  • Tamdown being principle contractor for 6 months to enable the delivery of critical infrastructure, roads and the first phase of groundworks
  • Clearing the initial works area to give Ilke the space to install and commission their properties for their customers
  • Agreement of target cost to deliver the project, followed by an extensive review of the options available to provide like for like value in a more cost effective delivery method


  • Access roads and completion of base course provided access to each build zone for foundations to be commenced
  • Site delivery and management to a high standard with excellent health and safety performance around the busy and time pressure driven site