Guiding what we do

Our company purpose is ‘Building Bright Futures’ and it guides everything we do; including our environmental and social initiatives.

We strive to have a positive impact on the people we work with, the communities we operate in and the environment we depend on.

Building Bright Futures for...

Our People

  • We are passionate about developing our people – we achieve this through local and national training providers, as well as internal specialists.
  • All our team members are given the opportunity to develop their skills to both ensure they deliver for the business, and are a success in their chosen careers.
  • Developing our people spans the full range of our team from apprentices to ongoing development for managers and directors.
  • We are proud to hold an extremely high Health & Safety record as well as providing wellbeing support for all our people.

Our Communities

  • We have been well respected within our local community for over 45 years, and we continue to give back, by hand picking the best suppliers as local as possible to our projects.
  • This way we can keep revenue local and also cut down on the environmental impact of lengthy transportation.
  • Our teams work hard to minimise any disruption and encourage communications with the communities we work within.

Our Planet

  • Sustainable Construction is an underlying principle that governs our business's decisions from pre-construction and planning stages to delivery. This can mean sourcing sustainable materials, minimising deliveries to sites, or reducing waste by reusing materials on site.
  • Since the start of 2022 we have been planting a tree for every foundation we complete on our customer sites through our 'Roots for Foundations' campaign.
  • Our fleet of vans is equipped with the latest mild hybrid technology and was selected with a key focus on how our business can reduce our emissions and move to a greener fleet.
  • We recognise that our own operations have an effect on the local, regional and global environment due to the nature of our business.
  • We are working to continuously improve our own environmental performances and decrease our carbon footprint - we see this as a journey for our business alongside that of our clients and suppliers.

About Us

Tamdown is a market-leading provider of infrastructure and groundworks services.

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Health & Safety

We work closely with our customers to ensure we are all on the right path to achieve improvements in site-wide Health and Safety performance.

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Accreditations & Awards

The range of accreditations and awards achieved by our business and our sites, reinforce and demonstrate our commitment to high standards.

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