This project for our long-term customer Countryside Partnerships required 160 plots with 900m of road to be constructed over a 126 week build programme.


  • Fast speed of build was required due to the split of private, affordable and PRS housing that was pre-sold
  • Site required an extensive filling exercise for each build parcel to bring them to an appropriate plateau level prior to commencement of the works
  • Location of the site within a high water table area (1m below ground level) meant management of groundwater was a key challenege
  • Extensive water along with an advanced cut and fill strategy made delivering to a tight programme more demanding due to the additional time required to manage these constraints


  • Planned and co-ordinated approach to phasing of the cut and fill strategy at tender stage and through to construction involving collaboration with Countryside on the volumes required and sources available.
  • Detailed material management plan (MMP) setup to bring suitable subsoil material to the site to complete the earthworks strategy ahead of the rest of the build


  • Agreed quantity of fill material brought into the site, and plateau levels set and constructed to – which enables the foundations to be installed from these levels
  • Close engagement with Countryside, advising of challenges associated with the build programme and time required at each stage to manage the inherent conditions