This impressive development for Persimmon Homes Suffolk includes 205 units with 1,500m of Infrastructure and estate road constructed within a 156 week programme.


  • Foul water on the site outfalls to a pump station located in the middle of the site
  • The site compound was to be located at the very bottom of the site
  • Subsequent need for the installation of almost 50% of the infrastructure spine road so that an outfall for foul water drainage could be installed and access to the compound provided


  • Tamdown planned and co-ordinated time at the start of the programme where we were Principal Contractor and to install the required road and drainage network along with first phase of properties to oversite level.
  • Due to plot speed of build, our team produced a temporary compound solution using track matts. The temporary nature of the product prevents the need for import of material and distruption to underlying strata.


  • Within 1 year of build we installed over 120 foundations and all of the key infrastructure
  • This enables the site to be run as the customer required and they were very happy with all site progress, programme and quality of work