Last year the Tamdown Plant team put in place a ‘6Cs’ quality standard to ensure optimum delivery and safety for our customers and people.

Customer: ensures all plant dispatched is fit for purpose and supports the best level of delivery
Care: teams take care in the quality of plant we buy, hire and supply to our site teams
Clean: plant is always sent out clean, covid safe and to a level we are proud of
Certified: all appropriate certifications and safety checks are completed
Corporate Branding: plant is correctly branded to positively position our business
Checked: all plant is checked to ensure it meets all our high standards

We have also further enhanced our processes with the addition of an asset management software within the plant department.

The team have embraced the new system and the efficiencies and time saving it offers including; instant access to all jobs and information, avoiding duplication and physical printing and filing, paperless service scheduling and records, inspection planning, reporting and repair history.