For the next 12-months, Tamdown will be running a HSQE Awareness Programme, which will focus on a different initiative each month. The aim of the programme is to raise awareness around each topic, helping to inform and give all our people improved knowledge.

Each month the Site Management Team will be promoting the campaign by delivering briefings on best practice to our site teams, which can then be applied to the workplace, enhancing our working environments.

This collaborative approach will benefit our people and our customers through enhanced communication and engagement across our teams. A positive and pro-active Safety Culture across the business is a key area of focus for all our teams, at all times.

All of our sites are now sharing and communicating our HSQE Awareness Campaign, and our Contracts Managers are leading the programme on our sites.

Photographed Paddy Mohan, Jason Downes and Marcus Jones, Contracts Managers.