As part of Tamdown’s Health & Safety initiatives, last year saw the launch of the Groups partnership with Mates in Mind.

Male site workers in construction are three times more likely to commit suicide than the average UK male, which is a shocking statistic.

Mates in Mind aims to raise awareness, address the stigma of poor mental health and improve positive mental wellbeing in the industry, and Tamdown is working towards the same goals within its own business.

The Group as a whole has 60 champions all trained in Mental Health First Aid. These individuals come from all areas and teams across the business both on site and in office.

All managers across the group will be trained by Autumn, with the aim being for all 1000 staff to be trained by Spring 2020, it’s a significant task but Tamdown are committed to this and the wellbeing of their people.

This month we launched our Wellbeing Champions for staff across our wider group – Nexus Infrastructure plc.

Our Champions promote and support positive mental, physical and social wellbeing and are available to employees should they need someone to listen or need directing to other support resources.