Around 5 pm last night (17th October 2022) Tamdown Plant & Procurement Director, Mark Cain, arrived in Kosice on the Slovakia/Ukraine border following a two-day journey across 8 countries.

Joining a convoy of 15 vehicles as part of the Plant and Hire Aid Alliance, our van transported blankets and stretchers over to war-torn Ukraine. Many of our staff donated money or blankets to the cause.

Rob Kendal Tamdown MD said “Well done to everyone involved, a fantastic effort and commitment to make a difference.’

Mark commented about the journey: “We all take things for granted in life, ‘stuff’ that we only miss when it’s gone. The volunteers that were at the warehouse offloading our aid were all Ukrainian teenagers… they missed their country and their way of life.

Tamdown has no influence over the war however, our efforts, with support from our parent company Nexus Infrastructure, ensure the thousands of blankets, as well as stretchers, that we transported will make a difference to a large number of affected people. The blankets I am told will be used in underground bunkers.

A huge thank you to all involved.”