We place the health, safety, and wellbeing of our staff at the core of our business. That is why we have an Occupational Health Specialist, Dave Gruber one of our Project Managers commented on his recent experience:

“I would like to thank Tamdown for their Health Screening service which has proved to be a very important tool to help manage our own Health, we all run around and give no time to ourselves to undertake any type of Health Screening as we are too busy.

Last week it hit home when I attended the screening on site at Hinxhill, the health professional found that my Blood pressure was very high and was sent directly to the Hospital. I have a condition where my body makes a high number of Red Blood Cells called Polycythaemia which is controlled by regular venesection to reduce the red cells, this condition raises my blood pressure.

Thanks to the screening it pointed me in the right direction and I have now been placed on Blood Pressure Tablets as over the years the body changes and I thought it was normal. I am in good health and look forward to many more years of service with Tamdown.”