‘Building Bright Futures’ for our people is an essential part of our success at Tamdown.

A great example of this people development is Cleve Geisha who joined Tamdown as a Post-Graduate in 2012 and is now a Senior Quantity Surveyor.

Cleve started with us 11 years ago and, during his Graduate programme, worked on-site following six years of previous experience as an operative, and in our buying, estimating, and commercial teams.

He then completed three years in the Estimating team between 2013 and 2015 before taking a short time away from the business for a few months to work closer to home when his daughter was born.

Cleve returned in 2016 due to the flexibility we could then offer to work from home a couple of days a week, meaning he could still see his young family more, but also rejoin Tamdown where he wanted to be – work-life balance is so important and we strive to help all our people achieve this.

On his return, Cleve joined the Commercial team as a Quantity Surveyor and in 2022 was promoted to Senior Quantity Surveyor. He now oversees and supports two of our up-and-coming QS’s sharing his knowledge and experience as they develop their own skills.

Cleve commented about his role:

“My weeks are very diverse – a week of each month we complete our valuations which means I am visiting sites and finalising the data and information with the construction team to measure; the progress of works, spend on materials, plant and labour, plus other factors to inform the month’s valuation.

Other weeks I am continuously monitoring budgets and costs on contracts, procuring subcontractors, reviewing material costs and changes, ensuring payments are received as scheduled, preparing internal reports and comparing live works to our original bid documents.

I work closely with our Contracts Managers and Site Managers as well as our customers to ensure the best possible relations and results.

I like being part of the delivery team and seeing a site through from start to finish – seeing an empty field, turn into a busy construction site, and then ultimately into a community where people live.

The balancing act of having happy customers through our quality delivery and ensuring Tamdown’s margins on each job is always the key goal, and I thrive on making this happen.

With an average of 5 projects at a time to oversee, I enjoy the variety this brings, as while one site is in the early months, another may be coming close to completion and final accounts – so no site or day is the same.”