At Tamdown we specialise in both residential groundworks and complex engineering solutions. We have recently combined our expertise by constructing a complex reinforced bank and retaining wall as part of one of our residential housing projects.

We delivered specifically designed soil reinforcement and ground stabilisation to the precise loading capacity required for the reinforced embankment. The structure, which also featured gabion walls, was part of a broader landscaping feature on the site.

The scheme design provides residents with the beauty and attraction of the countryside and also consists of two ponds, 360m of the reinforced walls and 1,500m of open space footpaths.

We were also able to utilise more than 10,000m3 of recycled soil in the final design.

Rob Kendal, managing director of Tamdown, commented: “These kinds of projects prove the skill of our teams in delivering solutions for our customers, to achieve their final vision for the new development.”