In January we launched our ‘Roots for Foundations’ Tree planting – sponsoring the planting of a tree for every foundation we complete.

We are now pleased to say that we have sponsored 434 Trees following the completion of 434 plots between January and March on our customer’s sites.

Through our partnership with ‘The Future Forest Company’ these trees are helping to grow a whole new forest in the UK, on the Isle of Mull. If you’d like to know exactly where our trees are planted take a look at the location here:

Among the 434 trees planted are a variety of species; Downy Birch, Alder, Hawthorn, Hazel, Sessile Oak and Willow trees – supporting efforts to plant the right tree in the right place at all times.

At Tamdown we are committed to sustainability and recognise the impact our operations have on the environment, so this is one of the steps we are taking to do our bit to reduce the carbon in our atmosphere.

Decarbonisation and reducing emissions are key to our future, but we must also actively remove CO2 from our atmosphere. Planting new trees supports this, it’s happening now, and is already making a measurable difference to global CO2 levels.