St Mary’s Island – Countryside Properties

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Project Description

Infrastructure Works & RC Frame
Client: Countryside Properties
Contract Value:  > £25.0m
Contract Duration:  > 15 Years

St. Mary’s Island is a former submarine base and the site incorporates 150 acre residential development that forms part of the 350 acre Chatham Maritime regeneration project. Tamdown’s scope includes infrastructure works, groundworks and a 7-storey concrete frame.

Challenges Tamdown have worked with the client to overcome on site have included:

  • Tidal water table adjacent to River Medway – Detailed planning was required to be co-ordinated with tides and dewatering activity.
  • Extensive underground structures, some up to 20m deep – Tamdown worked with the client to redesign piling arrangement to allow underground structures to remain in place and avoid additional costs.
  • Pumped foul drainage – With development just above sea level all foul drainage requires pumping off site, detailed planning was required to ensure the existing system was not impacted during connections and adjacent works.