Rowhedge Wharf – Bloor Homes

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Project Description

Infrastructure Works & Civil Engineering
Client: Bloor Homes
Contract Value:  c. £10.0m to date
Contract Duration:  > 5 Years

A multi-phase project including an extensive access road, enabling works and a river wall project all involving extensive pre-planning and detailed execution techniques and close collaboration with our customer.

Challenges Tamdown have worked with the client to overcome on site have included:

  • Removal of the existing and construction of the new sheet piled river wall having to take place during tidal windows – Tamdown engaged with our supply chain, involving our piling subcontractor in discussions at an early stage to make use of our joint experience to solve the challenge.
  • Construction of new infrastructure road on the alignment of the existing access road – by carefully sequencing the access road construction we ensured site access was maintained for deliveries and other trades.
  • Site was located in a village location so community disruption needed to be minimised – we coordinated the vehicle access routes and delivery times to best best suit residents.
  • Construction of a new sheet piled wall in a tidal zone – we utilised a complex anchoring system to maximise land for development by Bloor Homes.
  • Geotechnically poor ground conditions and areas of hydrocarbon contamination – our team worked with Bloor Homes environmental consultant to identify areas of contamination and maximise potential reuse.